R28 螺纹系列


Taizhou Kaiqiu Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. is a China R28 螺纹系列 manufacturers and R28 螺纹系列 suppliers with multiple independent intellectual property rights.

The company has been focusing on the solutions and researches of “drilling tools” for a long term. It recruits talents,masters the core technology (a full set of the most advanced heat treatment system has been introduced from Europe), and owns multiple R&D patents. Kaiqiu Company adheres to the mode of “change” and bold innovation, which enables it to rapidly develop into a high-end R28 螺纹系列 factory with an integrated system of technology, R&D, production and sales. The company’s R28 螺纹系列 wholesale and sales to South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The flagship brand “Kaiqiu” now enjoys high reputation and market recognition in both domestic and overseas market. The company also has a number of sub-brands: "Weitai","Weihuang"," Lifeng","Pulikabi".



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